Vintrendi Rose Infused with Honey

Purchase From: Binny's Beverage Depot Price: $25.99 Brief Description: Port-like, Sweet, contains Natural Juices I'd just got paid and I wanted to celebrate my ability to exist during the month. That's it. Let's be clear...I NEVER pay more than $10.00 for wine, and I don't like sweet. Maybe it was the "Friday just got paid" energy, or the need for sweet in my life after a shitastic week. I tried this beauty and fell in love with the smooth butteryness of honey with a hint of gentle citrus that undergirded the sip. If you like sweet, mostly, this is a great option. Given the right proportions, you might be able to add a spirit of vodka or white rum to deepen its taste. I will say that I was quite nice after a couple of 1/4 wine glasses full. The spread across my palette was gentle and soothing. Vintrendi's Rose Infused with Honey Wine is definitely an amazing addition to an after-dinner dessert, or during a bath just by yourself or with your love to bring sweetness to you or for you and your partner after a long week. As one that does not favor sweet. I loved this. It's also Black-owned. Check it out!

Cocobon Roasted Oak Buttery Chardonnay

Purchase From: Trader Joes Price: $6.99 Brief Description: Caramel, Vanilla, Peach Okay, so, no matter what, this is the 1st of 2 only white wines that I will waste my coin on purchasing. First of all, the price point eats and leaves no crumbs. Second, this wine gives an unctuous and luxurious mouth-fill that, if chilled, soothes on a hot day and if you are cleaning your home on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon with Robert Glasper or other jazz wafting through, with incense, and prayers, throughout, blessings are truly on the way. Anytime during the week, I will pick up this one with Cocobon's Red Blend- more on that one later. I may also pick up a $3.99 floral bouquet to commemorate the evening, weekend, day, or whatever. If you love white wines and Chardonnays, this one is a consideration to add to your grocery purchase!