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I am an almost-fifty year old dynamic woman wandering through the vast wildflower fields of Act II of my life. As an author, healer, speaker, and creator, I am your sister in the healing hustle.

I'm constantly learning and unlearning myself and life at the same damn time; using words, colors, and images to explore and uncover the ebbs and flows of this learning and unlearning journey. While on my site, I welcome you to delve into my sandbox filled with concepts, ideas, and thoughts about all the things that make life an unending path of self-discovery.

These days I am approaching life with a renewed faith, gratitude, and child-like wonder that I hope will inspire you into a personal wonderment of your own.


Please, grab a glass of wine, find a comfy space, make yourself at home, 'sat' down and stay awhile.


Sometimes taking the writing of a new novel can be approached from a different standpoint for a beautifully creative yield!

I knew I was on to something when I was talking to my mother as I was doing her hair and she asked me how I met someone I liked. When I explained to her all of the happenings, I had to smile to myself because, one, I had to admit how incredibly healing that meeting was for me at the time.  Two, I had to give gratitude for I think I understood 1 Peter 5:7 that encourages one to cast all cares on God as he/she cares.  After the transformational healing that I'd experienced over the last three years, the meeting was a demonstration of that care for me, truly.

Anyway, as I was laying in bed one night, awaken by my normal perimenopausal insomnia, I started to think about my first novel, "Magnolias Bloom in May" and the current novel to be released later this year, "In A Next Lifetime". A realization crawled all over me that, though good, these novels were heavy. Now yes, I can be that deep author, after all healing will always be woven through my novels because the healing of black women is so important to me. But because I discussed some pretty heavy subjects in my first novel, and my next just the same, I longed for light, laughter, and a not complicated happy ending in love.  I remember watching Hallmark movies and wishing they would show a black woman not needing to work hard to just survive, raise her children, be "beat down" by life and 'the man', while also fighting and losing at love.  There was something deep in me that stood up to tell this story different- a black woman in a healed place attracting the love and life that she wanted at the end.  I also needed it to be pithy, spicy, quick, touched with the amazing zing that black women loving one another can give and the sexy swag of a black man loving 'da shit' out of a black woman.

I needed all that.

The next day, driven only by the feel of the novel I created a cover, that will more than likely not be the final. I also delve into the writing, off the cuff- no outline, no character bible, no chapter play by play.  I started out only with a description, with the beginning, middle, and end in mind.  I decided that I would try pantsing the writing of this novel that would be discovered as I write.

Inspired by the writing style of Tia Williams and Kennedy Ryan, I felt a freedom to tell it how I talk.  The first three chapters made me laugh, and in all honesty, surprised even me at what came forward.  It was like my voice came through, and I didn't have to try and write, which, because I live in my head always, I run into this issue often.  What was a pleasant add to allowing my voice to release, it spilled into my current novel as I finish, which, I think will influence the second rewrite of the same. 

For first time writers, if you choose to read other authors novels while writing your own, use their works to give freedom to release your own voice.  Also, allow yourself to start a passion project while working on your current.  As I am trying this for the first time, I have to say that I am loving it over here! The passion from "That Day in August" is spilling into "In A Next Lifetime", which is crucial as I near the end of the first draft. 

I am excited how this novel will turn up and out.  I have a feeling that it will release and build another layer of my writing voice for next works to come.  Stay tuned!


I discuss the joys and challenges of writing next novel "In A Next Lifetime" to debut in fall 2024.

Imagine a love story that reaches back into the past while bringing that love into the present to rediscover each other again? 

Except the main female character is married. With marital issues. 

And the male main character is an angel from a very far past and is haunted by a decision made long ago that affects his present?

I am so excited to write this novel! It came to me while talking to a friend who was in a relationship that was fatally wounded and reeling on its last leg. In its place, a love from the past was surfacing while whispering in her ear that he wanted to love and take care of her like she deserved. At the same time, there was a scripture in the Bible that intrigued me.  To this day I don't remember how I happened upon that scripture.  It was something about melding these two ideas that attracted me, making me want to explore telling this poignant story.

In A Next Lifetime is challenging only because the energy of it is different from Magnolias Bloom in May. While writing Magnolias Bloom in May, it was very much my experience that the novel was already written. I simply had to allow the writing of the story to come through me. With this novel, I am having to pull on my imagination more, as well as allowing my mind to consider and introduce taboos that may be controversial. I am excited about how the spirit of this novel is very different and is demanding to be treated as such.

If there is any advice I would give to new self-publishing indie authors is to give respect to each project, whether fiction or non-fiction. Each novel comes with its own spirit, message, timbre, and language.  As I write this next novel, I am learning slowly to honor the individuality of this work. 

I cannot wait to get In a Next Lifetime to you! If the Muses are willing, the novel is slated to be released in Fall 2024. I'll of course, keep you posted! 

  •  5/16/2024 12:00 AM

There comes a time when even your religion of choice have to be given a hard look, assessed, and realigned.

  •  4/8/2024 12:00 PM

Giving "you" to yourself first thing in the morning is a matter of breathing life into your mind, body, spirit, and soul before setting your presence on earth for the day. Be sure to make it a priority!

The rediscovery of the inner child holds the bounty of who we once were and who we forgot we were. Reengage and fall back in love with who you are and shed who you think you should be!

  •  6/15/2024 06:35 PM

Relationships, whether friendship, familial, or intimate, are more than meets the eye. As we navigate opening up post-COVID, let's take the lessons learned to replenish and start new and healed relationships that deepen, transform, and enlighten...for all parties involved.

  •  5/22/2024 03:56 PM

There comes poignant times in life where you must surrender releasing all that you know and have become to transcend higher and become other.

  •  1/12/2024 04:50 PM

Consider giving yourself a break as you do another turn around the sun this year. I promise are doing GREAT!

  •  1/4/2024 10:18 PM

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Book Review: "Before I Let Go" by Kennedy Ryan

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Vintrendi Rose Infused with Honey

Purchase From: Binny's Beverage Depot Price: $25.99 Brief Description: Port-like, Sweet, contains Natural Juices I'd just got paid and I wanted to celebrate my ability to exist during the month. That's it. Let's be clear...I NEVER pay more than $10.00 for wine, and I don't like sweet. Maybe it was the "Friday just got paid" energy, or the need for sweet in my life after a shitastic week. I tried this beauty and fell in love with the smooth butteryness of honey with a hint of gentle citrus that undergirded the sip. If you like sweet, mostly, this is a great option. Given the right proportions, you might be able to add a spirit of vodka or white rum to deepen its taste. I will say that I was quite nice after a couple of 1/4 wine glasses full. The spread across my palette was gentle and soothing. Vintrendi's Rose Infused with Honey Wine is definitely an amazing addition to an after-dinner dessert, or during a bath just by yourself or with your love to bring sweetness to you or for you and your partner after a long week. As one that does not favor sweet. I loved this. It's also Black-owned. Check it out!

Cocobon Roasted Oak Buttery Chardonnay

Purchase From: Trader Joes Price: $6.99 Brief Description: Caramel, Vanilla, Peach Okay, so, no matter what, this is the 1st of 2 only white wines that I will waste my coin on purchasing. First of all, the price point eats and leaves no crumbs. Second, this wine gives an unctuous and luxurious mouth-fill that, if chilled, soothes on a hot day and if you are cleaning your home on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon with Robert Glasper or other jazz wafting through, with incense, and prayers, throughout, blessings are truly on the way. Anytime during the week, I will pick up this one with Cocobon's Red Blend- more on that one later. I may also pick up a $3.99 floral bouquet to commemorate the evening, weekend, day, or whatever. If you love white wines and Chardonnays, this one is a consideration to add to your grocery purchase!

Arugula Basil Red Onion Pesto Cashew Cheese Pizza

  •  4/13/2024 06:18 PM

If you want an elevated pizza and feel like putting a little love into it- try this! And, puhleeze don't forget a glass of red wine with it!

Black Bean and Chickpea Tostadas

  •  4/8/2024 12:00 PM

You will not miss the steak, chicken, or seafood! This plant-based tostada recipe GIVES!

Japanese Potato with Seasoned Spinach and Garbanzo Beans

  •  4/8/2024 12:00 PM

Here's a quick meal for a nippy fall or winter day that gives like a warm hug and is great for those managing perimenopause.

Magnolias Bloom In May: A Novel

This here is a funny place. Some call it the glory of God. Some call it other. Yes, this here is a funny place. Twenty years ago, Charla Bennett left the small sunny island of Santos, Georgia, to have what she’d never seen: a successful husband, a luxury condominium in Chicago’s Marina City, a son. Soon after Christopher’s birth, the life she attained spiraled out of her grasp. She found herself divorced, broken-hearted, and alone. Shattered, Charla returns home and is welcomed by embittered 78-year-old Aunt Eddie and sheltered Cousin Mitzi. As Charla tries to get back on her feet, secrets unravel that gives her ex-husband the alibi needed to take away her son to raise him with his “better” wife and “new” family. In the shadows a storm brews as Mitzi makes plans to seize the coveted home that was gifted by blood and forbidden love. Deciding to take matters into her own hands, Mitzi is certain that pay-off to the island’s root woman will assure that she gets what favoritism, unappreciated time, and, effort has stolen from her, even if it means sacrificing the life of family. As family secrets unveil and by the force of preternatural island elders, Charla is required to face her shadows to reclaim the life, love and legacy that belongs to her by destiny. Provocative, pithy, and emotionally riveting, Magnolias Bloom In May is a story of a woman that is challenged to triumph as she confronts her darkness to realize the good she deserves to have and hold. $17.95

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LINED JOURNAL: Queen of Rose & Thorn

The Queen of Rose and Thorn embraces her ability to bloom and self-protect. This Queen understands her duality, and that her thorns are used to promote growth to overcome internal and external obstacles. The rose and thorn compliments her growth so that she blooms in season. When you come to write in this journal you will be encouraged to embrace your thorns, with the ability to extract the lessons. Those lessons taught you what to look out for, and how to use your "weaknesses" to assist in growth towards blooming into your brilliant fullness. QUEEN OF ROSE & THORN JOURNAL FEATURES: -African-American imagery that demonstrates the beautiful duality of healing -Vibrant colorful matte cover -Paperback for easy portability -Sturdy white front and back dotted line pages (200 pages/400 total) -Stunning back cover with artistic appeal -Encouraging divider quote pages to encourage the balance of growth and strength

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LINED JOURNAL: Queen of Shadow & Light

The Queen of Shadow and Light honors the royalty that exudes from both sides of her. In shadow and light she blossoms and grows. Though incongruous, she is always beautifully crowned. As you come to write in this journal may you see both sides of your shadow and light crowned towards the integration of who you fully are! QUEEN OF SHADOW AND LIGHT JOURNAL FEATURES: -African-American imagery that demonstrates the beautiful duality of healing -Vibrant colorful matte cover -Paperback for easy portability -Sturdy white dotted-line pages (200 pages/400 total) -Stunning back cover -Journal divider pages to remind of the process of integration of shadow to light

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LINED JOURNAL: Queen of Death & Transformation

The Queen of Death and Transformation has endured the trying and drying of everything she has known. As she resurfaces in her power, she recognizes that out of the death of it all, she has developed wings to soar towards her vibrant brilliance and transformation. When you come to write in this journal you will be encouraged with the promise of your own transformation to emerge into your personal greatness! QUEEN OF DEATH AND TRANSFORMATION JOURNAL FEATURES: -African-American imagery that demonstrates the beautiful duality of healing -Vibrant colorful matte cover -Paperback for easy portability -Sturdy white dotted-line pages (200 pages/400 total) -Stunningly artistic back cover

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LINED JOURNAL: Queen of Musings & Manifestations

There is a twinkle in her eye that reverberates what she is imagining. Under the shade of her cowrie shell brimmed crown she wills to manifest growth, luxury, and wealth that is always expanding. As you come to write in this journal you will feel the stirrings of your own musings brewing to manifest! QUEEN OF MUSINGS AND MANIFESTATIONS JOURNAL FEATURES: -African-American imagery that demonstrates the beautiful duality of healing -Vibrant colorful matte cover -Paperback for easy portability -Sturdy white dotted-line pages (200 pages/400 total) -Stunningly artistic back cover -A section that encourages you to create your own musings to manifest

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GUIDED JOURNAL: Queen of Brewings & Brujeria

The Queen of Brewings and Brujeria takes advantage of the energies of thought, time, and energy to direct her focus. She is the elemental witch that uses the forces of the seasons, the moon, and nature before she exacts. When you come to write in this journal you will be encouraged to tap into your own energies of crafting what is needed for creating the environment that gives birth to your desires. QUEEN OF BREWINGS AND BRUJERIA JOURNAL FEATURES: -African-American imagery that demonstrates the beautiful duality of healing -Vibrant colorful matte cover -Paperback for easy portability -Sturdy white dotted-line pages (200 pages/400 total) -Stunningly artistic back cover

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GUIDED JOURNAL: Queen of Mindful Miracles

The Queen of Mindful Miracles is a guided journal that allows you to check-in and assess your inner pulse before tackling your week and each day. Using a tarot or oracle card for divine inspiration, you are encouraged to start your week understanding the guiding energy, your emotional state, concerns to commit to prayer, what you would like to manifest, and, self-care commitments that you will make to yourself for the week. Each day opens with listing what you are grateful for as well as the opportunity to pull a card for the day, and to acknowledge your feelings. Journal space is given to express your most pressing concerns. The journal closes the week allowing you the chance to review divine messages, repeated emotions, and healing topics that came to the surface. The Queen of Mindful Miracles offers you the space to give the most important person in your life acknowledgement, compassion, and deserved time. THE QUEEN OF MINDFUL MIRACLES JOURNAL FEATURES: -African-American imagery that demonstrates the beautiful duality of healing -Vibrant colorful matte cover -Paperback for easy portability -Stunningly artistic back cover

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GUIDED JOURNAL: The Queen of Vision and Victory Tarot & Oracle Healing Journal

The Queen of Vision and Victory Tarot & Oracle Healing Journal is for those who use tarot and/or oracle decks as a regular mechanism of connection to their Divine and the Higher Self. This journal calls you to look at color, imagery, key words, phrases, and themes to dig into deeper truths for self-evolution and manifestation. To delve deeper, you are given a space to journal through your discoveries in the reading. Finally, to ingrain the messages, you are given the space to record actionable steps for character building, personal elevation, and life altering change. This journal calls you to be responsible and accountable to use YOUR Higher Self to derive to your personal solution. The Queen of Vision and Victory offers you the space to depend on your Higher Self to intuit what is best for your life. In reality, your Spirit is the only Spirit that can be trusted. THE QUEEN OF VISION AND VICTORY TAROT & ORACLE HEALING JOURNAL FEATURES: -African-American imagery that demonstrates the beautiful duality of healing -Vibrant colorful matte cover -Paperback for easy portability -Stunningly artistic back cover

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GUIDED JOURNAL: Queen of Shadow Integration Healing Journal

The Queen of Shadow Integration Healing Guided Journal gives you space to confront, expose, excavate, and integrate those shadow areas of your life that you may find challenging and that keeps you from manifesting your desired beingness. As you work through the 12-session cycles of healing prompts, you will come to the end of that dedicated time with wider vision and renewed hope in the possibilities that are IN YOU to become! THE QUEEN OF SHADOW INTEGRATION HEALING GUIDED JOURNAL FEATURES: -African-American imagery that demonstrates the beautiful duality of healing -Five cycles of 12-session healing prompts -Personal rituals and self-healing tools for auric and energetic clearing -Useful with tarot and oracle cards for shadow exploration -Vibrant colorful matte cover -Paperback for easy portability

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GUIDED JOURNAL: King of Power & Potential

The King of Power and Potential is the first king of the collection. This journal is meant to allow space for the young man in your life to track with himself first and gain a comfortability with his emotions and needs. When this journal is approached it allows the ability to get in touch with personal feelings, gratitude, personal needs, with expression! KING OF POWER AND POTENTIAL JOURNAL FEATURES: -African-American imagery that demonstrates the beautiful duality of healing -Vibrant colorful matte cover -Paperback for easy portability -Guided prompts for easier journaling -Stunningly creative artistic back cover

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GUIDED JOURNAL: Queen of Intellect and Intelligence- A Common Place Journal

The Queen of Intellect and Intelligence Common place Journal is for those who are always seeking to self develop. You are the person that learns from life around you and needs to document what it is teaching you. This journal allows you to absorb and document according to those areas of life that you feel you need the most support to implement it's learnings into your own life. Instead of gathering post-it notes or placing these note scraps in a notebook, the Queen of Intellect and Intelligence allows you to place all of your development efforts in one place. THE QUEEN OF INTELLECT AND INTELLIGENCE COMMON PLACE JOURNAL FEATURES: -African-American imagery that demonstrates the beautiful duality of healing -Vibrant colorful matte cover -Paperback for easy portability -Stunningly artistic back cover

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The Queen of Healing Collection: Throw Pillows

Your home is your dwelling place, castle, throne, and safe place. It houses your mind, body, soul, and spirit. With that in mind, your home should have reminders of who you are growing and glowing into. The Queen of Healing Collection will feature throw pillows that adorn that beingness in you that helps you to bring forward your transformation, manifestations, and divine growth.

The Queen of Healing Collection: The Weekend Bag

You're on the run. You need a bag that you can pile all the things, BUT it needs to reflect your beingness. The Queen of Healing collection will be releasing bags that connect and reflect the mood and mindset you need to set for the day!

The Queen of Healing Collection: Graphic Tees

Sometimes the best way to solidify where you are mentally is to WEAR IT! Queen of Healing graphic tees allows you to wear your mental, spiritual, and emotional state out loud. Colorfully dripping with the swag of the Queens of this collection you are empowered to boldly state your space and take ALL OF IT!

The King of Healing Collection: Lined Journals

Black Kings Journal, too! Abukenke Publishing is happy to debut the King of Healing Journal line that caters to the emotional, spiritual, and mental needs of our Black Kings. Dedicated to showcasing and celebrating the vulnerability, softness, strength, curiosity, and apprehension of our Kings, these journals are meant to celebrate all that They are and are to Become!

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