08 Apr

Imagine a love story that reaches back into the past while bringing that love into the present to rediscover each other again? 

Except the main female character is married. With marital issues. 

And the male main character is an angel from a very far past and is haunted by a decision made long ago that affects his present?

I am so excited to write this novel! It came to me while talking to a friend who was in a relationship that was fatally wounded and reeling on its last leg. In its place, a love from the past was surfacing while whispering in her ear that he wanted to love and take care of her like she deserved. At the same time, there was a scripture in the Bible that intrigued me.  To this day I don't remember how I happened upon that scripture.  It was something about melding these two ideas that attracted me, making me want to explore telling this poignant story.

In A Next Lifetime is challenging only because the energy of it is different from Magnolias Bloom in May. While writing Magnolias Bloom in May, it was very much my experience that the novel was already written. I simply had to allow the writing of the story to come through me. With this novel, I am having to pull on my imagination more, as well as allowing my mind to consider and introduce taboos that may be controversial. I am excited about how the spirit of this novel is very different and is demanding to be treated as such.

If there is any advice I would give to new self-publishing indie authors is to give respect to each project, whether fiction or non-fiction. Each novel comes with its own spirit, message, timbre, and language.  As I write this next novel, I am learning slowly to honor the individuality of this work. 

I cannot wait to get In a Next Lifetime to you! If the Muses are willing, the novel is slated to be released in Fall 2024. I'll of course, keep you posted! 

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