08 Apr

I had just "cussed" out the slow driver in front of me. Like really cursed them out. It was the kind of curse out that warranted asking God to forgive me with the excuse that He wasn't through with me yet.  Yeah. It was bad.

As the driver peeled off around the corner, I nestled into myself and it was brought to my attention that that reaction was not how I moved in the world. There was a call for me to look into this emotional outbreak further. I was pulled into looking at how I'd started my morning. It was haphazard, and rushed, flanked with the need to hurry up and get to work because it was needful for me to be there for others.

Except I'd not shown up for myself

As I kept driving, I allowed myself to resonate with the energy of "rush". What came rolling into my mind is how as a child I felt like I had to hurry up and fall in line with the needs and ever-changing circumstances of my caretakers. In these situations, that were many, my feelings didn't matter, nor did my needs. I couldn't take my time because time didn't belong to me. My responsibility was to please those who were over me. What I realized was that I'd just perpetuated that conditioning this morning, with myself. I'd rolled out of the bed, jumped in the shower. I didn't have a minute to even check in on myself. It was simply about getting to work, and making sure that the "to do" list that I'd created the day before "checked-off". Each and every square.

But there had been no room for me.

By the time I'd reached my parking space, I'd decided that this would be the last day I would hurry my morning without time for me. At my lunch break I took time to sketch out what an ideal morning ritual looked like. If you resonate with this energy of rushing yourself for and in everything, I want to present a morning ritual that helps to set the tone for you to show up in the world as your very best self- mind, body, and soul.

1. Assess the time needed for you.

We are so rushed for everything and always at the disposal of deadlines. In order to make sure you are priority, assess the time that you need to be out the door. For me, I need at least two hours to myself to pad around the house in my slippers and naturally fall into a pattern where I don't feel like I am in a hurry.  Choose a time that feels easy to allow yourself to wake up and be present for you. If you don't allow time for you nobody else will.  

2. Settle your spirit.

Before you open yourself to the world, have you checked in with yourself? Many times, the reason why we are so irritated with other people is because we have not even asked ourselves how we are doing.  A practice that I have followed for a year now is to make sure that I list what I am grateful for, check in with what I am feeling emotionally, pull an oracle or tarot card as a point of meditation, and journal about any feelings I am going through for the morning.  Finally, I write an affirmation, mantra, or scripted visualization for me to project that energy into my day. The Queen of Mindful Miracles journal has been so helpful for me to do this morning check in.

3. Prepare your bath space.

I am a dreamer. Many times, I may get instruction, or I may be trying to work through emotions that I am unable to do so in my awakened state.  With that in mind, I may wake up in a funk, in sadness, or fear.  I found it helpful to dress my shower with elements that represented air (incense), earth (flowers), fire (candle), and water (Florida/Herbal water). In preparation for the week, I may pull a tarot or oracle card to see what energy I need to strengthen my spirit.  If it's indicated that my esteem is needing a little bolstering, I make a jasmine, honey powder, lavender, and rose incense (air).  From Trader Joes I purchase a small bouquet of flowers with red roses and orange gerbera daisies(earth).   I'll then purchase a white or soft pink 7-day candle to burn while I am taking the shower or bath (fire). Finally, I'll include a bottle of my favorite Florida/Herbal water (my favorites are made by @simple_prayer85 or @thehealinghomechicago) or I'll create one of my own made with a little water and several essential oils that I spray in the shower before I get in (water). I allow the shower to run, light the incense, spray my herbal or Florida water.  I set the environment so that once I enter the tub, I am coming into a space that is set to cleanse my auric field. I have found that during my showers not only do burdens roll off, but revelations, next steps, and answers come to the forefront. By the time I come out of the water my frequency has raised so that I can be productive mentally, physically, emotionally, and relationally for the day.

4. Affirm yourself out loud.

To culminate my morning ritual, I end with an affirmation that is personal to me for that day. Sometimes it comes to me during my journaling session. And sometimes it springs up as I am doing my morning facial routine or putting on make-up. Similar to a pep talk given to the team before they go out for the big game, this final affirmation revs you and your spiritual court that walks, talks, and guides you daily.  

By the time I leave the house I am ready to face the day. Now, to be clear, does it mean that I am batting 100% on my mood that day? No! I have to interrupt and stop this "add water and mix" approach to healing! What it does mean is that I have given myself the space to take care of me mind, body, soul, and spirit before I step out of the door to face the world.  I have imbued my spirit and Spirits with the energy to direct and carry me for that day. I have shown myself the first fruits of my love, energy, respect, reverence, and focus.

Create a ritual for yourself to do daily.  Assess the time you have, what feeds your senses, and decorate your morning with that energy to carry and strengthen you each and every damn day. You deserve the first of your attention, love, and energy.

Love you Real Good, Nay

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